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-Peter Monari OnyanchaAs you put your team together, let us eabmrce the art of creative thinking because with CREATIVE thinking, we can solve any problem with greater creativity and success! This is our competitive edge. No longer shall we wait for things to happen, we have to make them happen.A look at what I/we feel would be a foundational approach to creating and arriving at a creative and inclusive strong charter or chapter group (you can sharpen them to serve you better):Characteristics of a Chapter/Charter/Team•There must be an awareness of unity on the part of all its leaders and members.•There must be interpersonal relationship. Leaders and members must have a chance to contribute, learn from and work with others.•The member must have the ability to act together toward common goal.Characteristics of well-functioning chapters/charters/teams:•Purpose: Members proudly share a sense of why the chapter/charter/team exists and are invested in accomplishing its mission and goals.•Priorities: Members know what needs to be done next, by whom, and by when to achieve chapter/charter/team goals.•Roles: Members know their roles in getting tasks done and when to allow more skillful member to do a certain task.•Decisions: Authority and decision-making lines are clearly understood.•Conflict: Conflict is dealt with openly and is considered important to decision-making and personal growth.•Personal traits: Members feel their unique creativity and personalities are appreciated and well utilized.•Norms: Group norms for working together are set and seen as standards for everyone in the groups.•Effectiveness: Members find team meetings efficient and productive and look forward to this time together.•Success: Members know clearly when the team has met with success and share in this equally and proudly.•Training: Opportunities for feedback and updating skills are provided and taken advantage of by team membersIf we eabmrce these ideals, we will learn to:*Overcome creative blocks with forced flashes of insight- to keep the flow of ideas flowing not to settle for second best ideas*Organize (y)our creative impulses into a systematic approach- to avoid being frustrated when certain methods don't yield results*Expand and refine (y)our creative ideas- during discussions at forums to not let potentially hot ideas go to  stalemate because of lose of enthusiasm.*Sell (y)your ideas confidently and convincingly- you know your idea is good, but no one will buy it. What's wrong?*See (y)our ideas through to fruition-how many of your ideas never got off the ground or drawing board? Or lost their power in the translation?I hope this will help us to create and form strong chapters that will outlive  Creative Shock , to not let the mind get stuck in a rut, or the well run dry. What we have to pay attention to is people becoming helpless or retreating to familiar approaches, which are usually the norm, no longer effective.With better approaches, we can our creative energy and think-maze will produce results for the change we all believe in for a better KENYA  +Hi Rena once again you have astounding me with your <href="">criaitvety</a> ! Both cards are fabulous ! The first clever use of the napkin and the second so bright and dynamicThank you for your continued support at GET CREATIVE and good luck.Marie
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